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Get Better Health details
Getting Better with Dr. Val is devoted to helping people understand health issues from a balanced, scientifically sound perspective. The site provides a daily dose of ?health food for thought? for healthcare providers and patients alike. Dr. Val combines interviews with key opinion leaders, patients, and celebrities with health news, personal experiences, humor, cartoons and links to interesting health content.
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Health Business Blog details
Focusing on business issues in health care. Written by David E. Williams of MedPharma Partners.
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Medical Student Blog details
Following the journey of a mature student from pre-med to medical school.
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Medicalassistantatlas.com  [Reciprocal Link] details
This is the place to come for information about a career as a Medical Assistant.
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Rural Doctoring details
Small-town medicine in the Internet age, written by a family physician working in rural Northern California. Rural Doctoring is about the small triumphs and everyday drama of making a living in medicine.
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Scalpel's Edge details
Fragments and experiences of surgical training and medical research.
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The Story of Healing details
K.S. Descartin, M.D. - my journey in life and medicine.
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Unbounded Medicine details
Medicine as it must be: Unlimited.
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